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Although it is common that COPD COPD and cardiovascular diseases, it is usually undetected by doctors due to overlapping clinical manifestations. Can remain in people with heart disease, COPD diagnosis unexpected, but can lead to these two conditions in a significantly worse prognosis for the patient.IVUS is a technology where a tiny ultrasound probe providing an coronary arteries, providing an precisely reproducible method changes in changes in plaques or atheroma, during the treatment the results are the neps. ‘Effect of torcetrapib which the progression of the coronary atherosclerosis, ‘study on Monday, March 26 on the 08:30 present in Hall A. In cardiovascular medicine.

O overall one thousand one hundred and eighty-eight CHD patients to a study a study illustrated assess registered. All patients had clinical indication for cardiac catheter , had a baseline intravascular ultrasound and was 10-80 gm of atorvastatin during the two-to 10-week period up to LDL level reaches national policy adapted to. Which patients were then randomized to receive either 60mg both torcetrapib or placebo for for two years. At the end treatment period, a second IVUS has been carried out, the test in the same coronary. Blood pressure, the variation in volume of plaque in the artery comparing the base line in of the follow-up ultrasound, and patient measured blood cholesterol level and biomarker inflammation of at different points during the trial..