The Times noted: Low-income residents who benefited the most from expanded access to health care.

The Times noted: ‘Low-income residents who benefited the most from expanded access to health care, receive government subsidies for insurance, one of the most expensive aspects of the state plan but quickly have increased costs and the ailing economy. Causing more problems than the state and supporters of the 2006 law – including Boston Medical. After the suit is expected reimbursement Massachusetts now Boston Medical only 64 cents for every dollar it spends treating the over 10 % of over 10 % of hospitalized patients. Uninsured. From about 20 from about 20 % before the law the passage in 2006, but many more are on Medicaid or Commonwealth Care, the state-subsidized insurance program for low-income residents ‘(Goodnough, – The Boston Globe reports: ‘The action could the national debate about health care by warning of the possible consequences for affect hospitals that treat the poor ‘(Kowalczyk..

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