The VESTASYNC II trial is a 120 patient randomized.

In addition to the ongoing VESTASYNC I further study the MIV patients enrolled in the VESTASYNC II study. The VESTASYNC II trial is a 120 patient randomized, controlled trial to demonstrate to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VESTAsync stent in a larger group of patients. It is anticipated that the VESTASYNC II results will form the basis of a marketing application for marketing approval in Europe. Building on the positive results of VESTASYNC I study VESTASYNC II patients anti-platelet drug (Plavix only only for three months. This is in stark contrast to the current anti-platelet standard, which is a minimum of one year and in many cases life-long therapy..

And biocompatibility. Landy concluded, ‘MIV is obligated to see VESTAsync and our product pipeline through clinical trials and look forward to communicating further progress with our shareholders and the investment community to to pursue our common goals. ‘.The Symmetry Arch Supports organic Orthotics into used in the study has been customized fit for each one using a Brannock device to determine arch and size, and a footprint to identification of areas its excessive compressed. The Symmetry product has been for the degree thanks to its unique ability to aid all four arcs, select while stimulating muscular moving and circulation. They require a break – in time that most of subscriber find acceptable.

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