This study is the first pan European study of allergies and asthma in athletes get information here.

This study is the first pan – European study of allergies and asthma in athletes. It was for the first time in Norway the National Olympic Committee the National Olympic Committee athletes athletes and provide optimal care if needed get information here . Were also interested in learning more about the air quality and pollution on the athletes. The protocol will be used in the ten participating centers. This will allow scientists to collect comparable data on the degree of asthma and allergies in European athletes and validate tools for further studies. To a better understanding to a better understanding of the exercise-induced asthma.

Sports and asthma: GA2LEN researchers follow European Olympic athletes to BeijingThe pan-European study, the scientists allow the prevalence of asthma will, motion induced qualified asthma and other allergic diseases among European athletes for the Beijing Olympic Games, while the identification of the differences in prevalence between a wide range of sports and between different European regions. The study is part of GA? LEN joint research activities on sports and allergic diseases .

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Cell to fighting cancerscholars at Georgia Tech potential new the treatment against cancer which measured magnetic nanoparticles to cancer cells, develop so they captured and body body. The treatment, which tested in the laboratory and will be when in the survival rate of studies, is described line in the magazine of American Chemical Society. – We were able Use this magnetic nanoparticles are to trap free-floating cancer cells and then take from your body, said John McDonald, Chairman of the Biology Faculty wrote at Georgia Tech and chief research scientist at the Ovarian Cancer Institute. This technology can its spread is of particular importance in the treatment of ovarian where the malignancy typically is achieved by free-floating cancerous cells from the primary tumor into the abdomen. .

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This technology is hold more promise to than just use of antibodies to combat cancer since there seems to lower potential for to to develop an immunological response on the body due to the unique peptide is – targeting strategy, and the composition of the magnetite nanoparticles. – When you modify the nano and aim directly to the tumor cells using a small peptide, you are less likely to produce a undesirable immune response and more accurately aim to cells of interest, said Research Scientist Erin Dickerson.