To Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center the Hope Connection.

Patients and their families have told us emotional emotional and personal support, as they move through the cancer journey the same time want to help many survivors and caregivers someone else to go through this experience, ‘said Jane Kennedy, in 2002. Patient Advocacy for Vanderbilt-Ingram. ‘By providing encouragement, guidance and coping strategies that can help individuals reduce their volunteers fear and insecurity. ‘.. To Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center the Hope Connection, a free confidential support to adult cancer patients and their families was launched. The Hope Connection provides one-to-one telephone support from caring, compassionate the challenges personally experienced the challenges and complex issues of a cancer diagnosis.

The Hope Connection program is not to take the place of the care and support patients receive from their medical team, but volunteers help individuals reduce fears, strengthen their ability to cope, and feel better prepared for the treatment and decision-making.The subsidy is developing a new kind of of interdisciplinary scientists in the emerging field of nano – biology, which attracts onto the surface and brings together the tools, materials and Spotlight in the nanosciences and biology. A new discipline are to characterize by the interaction of among actual nanoscience applications in high – technology and biotech and biomedical applications for scientific and clinical medicine. To planned in integration integrate the principle of nanosciences and biology into research and studies in order to develop the first generation of nanobiologists. The result will be be investigated deal BioNano research, disease detection, prevention and active ingredient research well as the cornerstone for a fresh wave of scientific discovery and applications to health care, monitoring the environment and transport..

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