UK is the only European country.

UK is the only European country, denying access to Erbitux – Colorectal Cancer DrugThe United Kingdom is the only country in Europe in which patients medicine with metastatic colorectal cancer , no routine access to Erbitux with the potential to prolong survival and even cure some people showed up this week.

Professor Maughan happens also from Wales, the UK Medical Research Council , independently financed massive study of Erbitux and chemotherapy to be a leader. The COIN study is the comparison of continuous and intermittent chemotherapy with and without Erbitux in over 2000 patients.Several doctors expressed concern, when parents would rush aid for assistance to an older relative, the chamber and get showing weakness on one side of said body, it to be does not the same for a child? Who then are suffering further strokes in the days of before getting medical attention.