Walking, the Perfect Exercise for Older Women

One of the things most people enjoy is being able to take walks in the park on a Saturday or Sunday morning; take in the fresh air, and enjoy nature. One of the many aspects in maintaining an exercise program is walking, the perfect exercise for older women.

Let’s face it; as we get older, we all need to keep moving. Not just getting up and walking around the house; but going outside and walking to the local store, or for the pure enjoyment of it. I love getting up early in the morning and taking a walk in the neighborhood. It clears my head, and I feel rejuvenated. Moreover, if I am feeling stressed or worried about a particular problem; walking in the open air seems to alleviate the problems and I feel wonderful afterward. I return home with a fresh perspective and look forward to the day’s events.

As baby boomers, we will need to engage in more exercise as we get older. It is important not only for our overall health, but keeps us limber; aids in strengthening our bones; and keeps our cardiovascular system strong. Whether we walk 20 minutes a day or an hour; as long as we keep those legs moving, we are helping to prevent and keep at bay any future joint problems. While some of us may have the onset of arthritis or osteoporosis, walking acts as a deterrent from the disease progressing.

For some, walking may be an exercise they have been doing for years. For others, it may be a necessary action. Sometimes, you may not be in the mood! Well, get out your favorite CD and walk to the beat. Go to your local park and walk around the track. Start out slowly, and eventually you will be clocking in at a mile or more. It’s invigorating!

If you are like me and really dislike gyms and working out; walking is the best and most natural way to exercise. Give it a try!