Which contain from the John Templeton Foundation.

The award, which contain from the John Templeton Foundation, a $ 1,000 cash grant and travel expenses of the Gallup International Positive Psychology Summit in Washington DC, where the presentation was held recently.

For her future research, hopes Miquelon, a link between her interest in social psychology building, psychological well-being and physical health by examining the role of resilience in psychological adjustment / well-being and the maintenance of health in response to major challenges in life and the beginning of a chronic illness.Roberto establishes that a fascinating aspect of the employment is that there of possible physiologic connection between stress behavior, emotional disorders , and which development of alcohol dependence features. In addition to Roberto, paper, CRF – induced the amygdala GABA release a pivotal role to alcohol dependence Plays was, for Maureen T. Nicholas W. Valentina Sabino, Paul Schweitzer, Michal Bajo co-author, Pietro Cottone H Madamba, David G. Stouffer, Zorrilla, George F. George R. Siggins , and Loren H. Parsons, View all Scripps Research. For further information, see on General Psychiatry.