With greater confidence and improved efficiency www.propecieu.fr.

Philips and Hansen will also show results of their joint efforts to further integrate the Xper Allura EP intervention lab with Hansen Sensei Robotic Catheter Manipulation System. The innovations should enable electrophysiologists to perform complex procedures such as attaching mapping catheter in difficult anatomical locations within the heart, with greater confidence and improved efficiency www.propecieu.fr more info .

WhyNew listings address efficiency and organization Philips introduces a new feature of its Xper Information Management Monitoring Physio 5 product for EP logging and reporting. This function allows the EP lab to capture the complicated procedures and to integrate clinical information at the point of care, the doctors can freely conduct concentrate more time for the patient. Capabilities include vital sign monitoring, customizable templates for EP clinical reporting and data mining for improve its operational efficiency. Optionally, this configuration with third – EP recording systems interface, and with Philips Xcelera cardiology image management system electrophysiologist and integrate images into their clinical reports enables.


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