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The NCCC , the nation’s first Cervical Cancer Hotline for women and support family members who are fighting issues related to cervical cancer http://tadalafil.biz . In addition, it promotes patient interaction and support though its Phone Pals and E – Pals have programs that match cervical cancer survivors with other women who are now living, with or experienced similar circumstances. The NCCC awareness nationally through a variety of initiatives, including the Cervical Cancer Quilts Project, a traveling exhibit that puts a personal face on the fight against cervical cancer.

Right Cancer Coalition, the importance of early detection and prevention emphasized in January Cervical Health Awareness MonthAbout 10,000 American women learn cervical / HPV this year, and nearly 4,000 from an advanced from an advanced form of the disease. In January this year, during Cervical Health Awareness Month, the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to educating women about the importance of the Pap test as a screening tool for cervical cancer / HPV and about vaccines that can further reduce the concentrated load this devastating disease. It is the beginning of a new year – – a time many reflect on their health. Right at the start of the year, we contact contact plan plan Pap test Pap test for cervical cancer. This screening is a crucial part of a woman’s health care regimen, yet one that many overlook. ‘It is important to remember that cervical cancer is a preventable disease – as long as it caught early enough,’says Ms. Sarina Araujo, Executive Director the NCCC. Medical Advisory Board, routine administration of Pap tests is the best means of detecting cervical cancer at an early stage, vaccines have the potential to protect women from the disease by targeting cancer-causing types of human papillomavirus . A virus can be transmitted through sexual contact, is the only known cause of cervical cancer. Two forms of the virus, HPV 16 and HPV 18, which more than 70 % of all cervical cancer cases. Some medical experts believe that through a successful education, screening and vaccination program for women, we have the potential to nearly eliminate cervical cancer in the U.S.

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