Women shouldn’t be Afraid of Aging

When anyone asks my age, I tell them the truth. Do you? I agree totally with the notion that women shouldn’t be afraid of aging. It’s a natural process, and one in which I look forward to.

I recently spent time with my 84 year old aunt. She looks 60! She has a perspective I think all women should have as they grow old. Enjoy life every day; don’t sweat the small stuff; and laugh, laugh, laugh!

It’s kind of sad, really. Today we see women having cosmetic surgery to hide flaws they think they have. They try to look young when, in fact, surgery often makes them look older. Think of the women who have had cosmetic surgery for a moment. They seem to appear distorted, don’t they? Their smiles, if they can actually smile, seem difficult; their speech has changed; and sometimes things can even go wrong and leave lasting scars. Still many women put themselves through pain because they want to look young forever.

In contrast, I look at an 85 year old woman, with short wavy white hair; a wonderful smile and personality; and yes, some wrinkles; with loving eyes and a softness that exudes grace and a life well lived. This is how we were meant to age.

I read in a magazine recently that women and men will live as long as 107 and 94, respectively. Unless age is put in its proper perspective, there are going to be a lot of wealthy cosmetic surgeons in the coming years. I think age is not only a state of mind, but one that has been skewered by media ads and magazines which tell us how we should look. It’s a lot of bunk!

If you feel good, and have a healthy outlook on life; age should not be a consideration. On the other hand, if you constantly worry about how you look; freak out at the first wrinkle you see; you are not enjoying life at all – but allowing it to control you, instead if you controlling it. I find it interesting that when men age, they are viewed as distinguished; which is one word that comes to mind. When women age, I don’t know of one single word that is offered which comes close to defining their beauty.

Women shouldn’t be afraid of aging, but should embrace it.